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While many Ghanaian farmers rely heavily on pricey and imported fertilizers, many farmers cannot afford fertilizer at all.

61% of all waste in Ghana comes from organics (food waste). These resources could be use repurposed rather than rotting in a landfill.

So we (University of Oregon) teamed up with the University of Ghana to give life to leftovers.



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This is bigger than compost. This has the potential to improve the quality of lives— the lives of who work hard growing crops to the lives who consume the produce.

The successful implementation of commercial composting will enhance the quality of food in addition to replenishing the land that has nurtured us since our beginning. 

At its simplest, the goal is to communicate what there is to gain with transforming organic waste into compost.

Yet, the climate of economic and environmental sustainability in Ghana’s future is what is at stake. 

Yen Asaase, Food Reincarnated. 

Dream Team: David Choe, Sam Coffaro, Madeline GomezJustin Hartney, Ben Kitoko, Hannah Lewman, Ryan Lund, Amar Mann, Emily Ost, Anna Rath,  Ammas Tanveer, Tim Vandehey.