LUSH cosmetics generally caters to a female audience aged 20-35. Although their products benefit all skin types, the majority of their consumer base is Eurocentric.

Extensive skin care is associated as being something feminine. Men, especially African American men, are exposed to the pressures of societal hyper-masculinity and are often left out of the skin care conversation. 

The goal is communicate that good skin care leads to more confidence and should be practiced by everyone.


Music is an integral part of our audiences life. For our audience, music (hip-hop/r&b especially) is a staple in his community and culture as it is and has been a constant means for self-expression and communication.

Streaming services such as Spotify have made music both easily accessible and shareable to it's 60 million subscribers. Spotify also makes each user experience personal with curated and custom playlists. LUSH cosmetics would parter with Spotify and create playlists named after each face mask.  Each playlist would be curated to match the feel of the face mask.